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Everwood Season 2 DVD Review

Jun 16, 2009 - 10:22AM by Everwood

So many of us thought this day would never come, but it finally has and WB has released Season 2 of Everwood on DVD. Hands down one of the best family dramas that television has ever seen, Everwood tells the story of the Brown family. Dr. Andy Brown (Treat Williams) and his family are starting their second year in Everwood, Colorado. The family had moved from New York after a tragic accident a year earlier had claimed the life of Dr. Brown's wife. In efforts to be the father he had never been, Dr. Brown had decided to start things over in Everwood. Dr. Brown's son, Ephram (Gregory Smith), was none too thrilled with the move, but after meeting Amy (Emily VanCamp) he starts to see that perhaps it's not all bad.

In this second season, Dr. Brown realizes that he can indeed find love again while Ephram continues to fall harder for Amy (who has just lost her boyfriend - who had been in a coma for the first season). Amy ends up falling deep into depression and into the arms of the wrong man for comfort. It's impossible to sum up all of Season Two in just one review though. The series is so deep and well-written. The cast of the show is absolutely incredible from Treat Williams to Gregory Smith to Emily VanCamp to Tom Amandes and Vivien Cardone. Everyone plays an indispensable part in the story of this small town and the evolution of the lives of the Brown family.

Having been a huge fan of the series during its run on the then WB from 2002-2006, I found each episode of the series to be more impressive than the last. I was always left in my seat thinking 'Wow. They did it again.' It is that good, and well worth your time to check out.

Special features are a little disappointing, there are a number of un-aired scenes but that's pretty much all you're getting with this release. Though fans should really be excited that this one is coming out at all. The delay in the release was rumored to have been caused by poor DVD sales of Season One. We have to make sure that doesn't happen with Season 2! Make sure you all go out and pick this one up. It's the fans' responsibility on this one to ensure that Season 3 and Season 4 hit shelves in the near future!

Everwood was another one of television's treasures that received a huge amount of praise from the critics, yet went widely unnoticed by so many of the TV viewers. Here's your chance to catch up, and see what the rest of us loved so much. Don't miss out!
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