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Will Everwood's Ephram be Eli Stone's last client?

Dec 04, 2008 - 1:55PM by Emma

Quite possibly.

This much is certain - Everwood alum Gregory Smith is among the ensemble of guest stars on board for the 13th episode of Eli Stone's second season. Given recent events and scheduling announcements made by ABC, that outing would appear to be the legal drama's swan song.

Though unconfirmed, it appears that Smith will be playing the boyfriend of a deceased college coed whose parents refuse to give up her heart for a transplant because the recipient does not share in their religious beliefs.

To think that Smith came this close to joining his Everwood honey, Emily VanCamp, on Brothers & Sisters ...had he, you know, instead appeared on an entirely different ABC series that airs several nights earlier.

OK, maybe he didn't exactly come this close. But reuniting those two kids sure was fun to think about for a moment there, right?
Source: http://www.wistv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9443203

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